Anke Hennig, Dimensions I, broche. Foto met dank aan Anke Hennig©

Hedendaagsesieraden.nl is an encyclopedic website about contemporary jewellery that was launched in October 2016 when Galerie Ra in Amsterdam celebrated it’s 40th birthday with 40 articles about jewellery. Every week 3 or 4 new entries about artists, museums, galleries, exhibitions, academies, collectors etcetera are being published. Now about 400 articles on different subjects are online and the website is still growing.

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The page Actueel offers an overview of current and future exhibitions, fairs, seminars and similar subjects.

The mission of this website is to offer information about the world of contemporary jewellery in a comprehensive and encyclopedic way.

Please feel free to send in your questions, suggestions, additions or corrections through the contactform and please note the google translate button at the bottom of each page. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Esther Doornbusch

Please use this link if you want to refer to this page: https://hedendaagsesieraden.nl/english/