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Jiro Kamata, Extrovert, halssieraad, 2006, aluminium, koord
Jiro Kamata, Extrovert, halssieraad, 2006. Foto met dank aan arnoldsche Art Publishers, Jiro Kamata©

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Plans for an image database are being developed, and it would be great if you cloud help with a content donation. Images for this database, can include, but are not limited to, drawings, jewels, exhibitions, galleries, museums, classrooms, studios, colleagues etc.

Please beware of copyright! You must be the copyrightowner to share the images with In general, this means that you are either the photographer or are licensed to use an image. Please consider using a Creative Commons license. You can find out more about this international man- and machine readable licensing here. This makes it easier for people worldwide to understand the conditions or limitations for (re-)use. Images in jpg (JPEG) format are easiest to process.

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